Relaxapet dog beds

Custom Dog Beds
Custom made dog bed double decker

Made to order custom dog beds includes virtually any design that you desire. Special requirements are challenges we take pride in fulfilling so please try us out.

Deluxe Dog Beds
Deluxe Dog Beds

Relaxapet deluxe dog beds feature 3 sides which are great for outdoors protection from the wind or simply to provide additional comfort and security. They are highly durable and designed to take the weight and movement of your pet.

Standard Dog Beds
Standard Dog Beds

Our standard dog beds are made super tough to keep them caring for your pet for years to come.

Dog Bed Mattresses
Amazing Dog Bed Mattresses

Our dog bed mattresses come in a large range of colors and patterns to suit any taste. All these and more!

Discover the hidden secrets that make our mattresses outlast all the others.

Dog Bed Covers
Dog Bed covers

It's highly unlikely you'll ever need to replace a Relaxapet dog bed cover, but our durable covers can be made to fit on your existing frame.

Bed and Mattress Combo
10% Discount

Mattresses can also be purchased as a complimentary addition to our beds.

Purchase a Bed and Mattress combo and receive a 10% discount on the total purchase price (excluding delivery).

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